Parrot Speech Recognition Software

Parrot Software

Our trained therapists may use Parrot Software to help patients recovering from a variety illness or injuries. This specially designed software can help patients with speech recognition, word recall skills, cognitive reasoning and speech and language skills. It is most often used with patients recovering from stroke and brain injuries where patients are experiencing aphasia and dysphasia.

Parrot therapy programs are provided on a computer with a trained therapist working with the patient to ensure that the session is tailored to meet their needs. Parrot programs also record data from each session providing the therapist useful information on the patient’s progress.

The road to recovery following a stroke or traumatic brain injury can be a long one, but with the right combination of therapy and technology patients can see improvement.

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The compassionate and positive staff is making his stay a positive experience as well as contributing to his recovery
Patsy L. Gruenenfelder

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